Paragon Performance Plan

Outsource your IT Department to reap the benefits of up-time, convenience and reliability.

The Paragon performance plan is the solution to slow computers, viruses, failed updates and time consuming technology management.

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Paragon Performance Plan – Explained:

Technology break-downs occur. Here's how we handle it.

The Paragon Performance Plan is a managed IT service agreement. Gone are the days of waiting for a technology failure and then frantically trying to triage it while running your business. This causes detrimental down-time, and takes you away from your business. We monitor, update, maintain and secure your network and office technology in real-time to keep your business running at peak performance.

IT support doesn’t get any better!

How we respond to issues is where we shine!

Our best in class tech support will save you and your staff valuable time. We are ushering in a new way of handling IT support, by proactively monitoring your network and devices, responding to threats and resolving issues in real-time. Simply put, this means less down time and more productivity. Our knowledgeable technicians are available to you via phone, email, and your customer portal. When issues do arise, you can rest assured that we are equipped to handle them with speed and ease.

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The Key Takeaways

The number one cause of slow performance on Windows computers is corrupt registry entries. The registry contains millions of files that are necessary in order to have a functioning computer. This database will get overloaded with old temporary files and directories that no longer exist. This results in loading bars and slow performance. With our tools, we constantly check the registry to ensure that the proper entries exist, and that entries that are no longer needed are purged. We’re kicking in the turbos with this one!

It is common knowledge that malware is not a good thing. It can corrupt your data, leak information about your customers to the internet, and cause hardware failure. To combat this we implement enterprise grade, industry leading real-time detection and prevention measures. through this we protect you against (viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, ransomware, and a host of other malicious file signatures). This ensures that you can work worry free of malware infecting your network and devices.

Nowadays, we need to remember a thousand-and-one passwords. Most users will combat this by having a password cheat sheet near their computer or in their cell phone. This is a sure fire way to compromise the security of your network. A universal password structure fixes that, enforcing the use of secure passwords. Managing these passwords becomes a breeze with our password vault tech. One place for ALL of your passwords. It even automatically updates when you change your password, ensuring that you make the best of your passwords and don’t get bested by them.

Running an outdated version of software is one of the easiest ways for the bad guys to gain access to your data and devices.  We keep you up to date by automatically scheduling your updates and verifying successful deployment of them. Our approval based system is designed to keep you up to date, while not stopping your productivity. Nothing can be more infuriating than a poorly timed random update, so we give users the flexibility to delay updates until a more convenient time.

We will manage and deploy updates for most of your 3rd party applications as well. This included Adobe products, Java, Google Chrome. Say goodbye to manually downloading updates.

Which ports are open on your network? Ports control inbound and outbound network traffic and allow access to specific resources in your office. You can rest assured to know that we monitor port activity and block traffic from ports that are not necessary for your business operations, ensuring that we minimize your potential risk.

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